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Stability Pro Pad

The SuperSpeed Stability Pro pad is the perfect add-on to your new SuperSpeed Tennis Training System. This foam pad will be very comfortable for kneeling swings during out later protocols. Using the Stability Pro Pad and our drills, you will improve balance and stability in your game!

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The SuperSpeed Stability Pro is made of high-tech foam that will create both a comfortable kneeling pad for the SuperSpeed Training and a challenging, unstable surface for balance training!  We manufactured this Stability Mat to provide support when a player has dual contact points with the Pad. This helps players cushion during the kneeling swings.  At the same time, we made sure that this Stability Pad would offer a variety of uses for training stability, balance, PNF, and applying this training directly racquet swing. Check out our series of Balance and Stability drills online!

  • SuperSpeed Stability Pro (15in x 14in x 4in)